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First of all, some examples of shorthand notation.

❤ destructuring

Or even these few lines of code that uses reduce to find that best option of something based on a certain criteria, along with arrow functions and ternary operators. The longer form is using filter, map and reduce functions.

100% Automated Test Coverage is like stepping on every step on the way to the top. Photo by Jyoti Singh on Unsplash

All the code can be found on Github.

The Code and the Unit Tests

The code shown in the Gists below (called moreCakes.test.js) is using Jest. They cover the example code (moreCakes.js), which uses NodeJS.

If you’re interested in playing around with this, the code is available here. The first example is in the master branch. The branch called extended-tests is the second example.

Motivation for anyone that has a job. And of course male pornstars. Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash

Where better than to check the internet for inspiration, especially if you need some interview questions.

The following interview questions are from an article taken from a large job website, regarding tips for Automation Test Engineer interviews (I’ve mainly been involved in hiring Quality Assurance experts). We’ll go through them…

Now that all your Unit Tests are passing you’ll have a lot more time to spend looking at flasks of colourful liquids. Photo by Science in HD on Unsplash

The first part of testing AWS with Jest is here. This article follows a more standard use of Jest Unit Test framework. This next example is of AWS functions being INSIDE another function that is being tested ie. leaving only business logic within the function.

Being involved in the software…

Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t how Unit Testing is performed. Photo by Science in HD on Unsplash

Having a reliable way to test code makes creating it more enjoyable. Tests can be created and run for small functions of code. These can provide almost instant feedback on how they performed. Did anything not work? Are the inputs and outputs as expected. Using this approach to software development…

Read about some Javascript hacking at its finest!

After finishing reading Permanent Record by Edward Snowden I felt compelled to write a review of it. I loved the Stealing The Network series and The Art of Intrusion, and Snowden’s book reminded me a little bit of these. So I’m already a fan of this genre of tech-based-non-fiction.

The book was easy to read, thrilling, and his story basically writes itself. But he has chosen the bits of his story that actually matter. In places so much of the content seems like it cannot be possibly real, but yet it probably is. And that is what is stunning.

Picking out meaningful images to articles is difficult. So here’s a picture of a wild rabbit looking wistfully out over a meadow in Cornwall, UK. Photo by Sean McGee on Unsplash.

Cloud Technology

The coining of the term “Cloud Computing” happened on 9th August 2006 by an Eric Schmidt (back then the CEO of Google) and since the word “Cloud” has turned into a buzzword that has been used out of context way more times than the words “digital transformation”. Seriously though, it’s…

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You’re ready! But first a quick check of your site.

You open Firefox web browser by accident instead of the usual IE. It doesn’t matter; a browser is a browser, right? The page loads and….hold on, is that a small typo in the footer on the front page of your site. Easily fixed…. but is that text centred correctly in…

Hold on…he’s buying things on Ebay using a loyalty card from a burrito restaurant. Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

It’s been written about a lot: online shopping is disrupting brick-and-mortar retail stores.

We’re seeing brick-and-mortar stores evolve into omnichannel retailers that bridge the physical and virtual space, becoming what is termed brick-and-click.

This wonderful blend of physical and digital has allowed IKEA to let customers visualise items in a…

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